History of Capricornus

Constellation representing Amalthee, the goat which suckled baby Zeus. Chronos devouring all his children, Rhea, his wife, saved the last-born by entrusting him to a nymph & giving his father a stone to devour in his place. One day, playing with Amalthea, one of its immense horns remained in the hands of Zeus who offered it in recognition to the nymph like the Horn of Plenty. Whenever she wished, she found fruit & ambrosia there. Zeus then joined Olympia to avenge his brothers by overthrowing his father. It is the demi-god Pan, son of Hermes, who received his name from the gods because he liked everyone from birth. God of the herds and cheerful companion of the nymphs, he plays the syrinx (reed flute or pan flute). It was turned into a goat to escape the giant typhoon & its ugliness was such that it caused unreasonable terrors in the people & animals that saw it.

Chart of capricornus