History of Draco

Opposed to the Dragon during the long fight that the gods of Olympia waged against the giants, Athena sent the animal with so much force that it reached the confines of the universe, not far from the celestial pole. Arrived in these cold countries, the monster froze on the spot. Also depicts the dragon Ladon whom Heracles killed to take the golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides, the three daughters of Atlas, of which the dragon had custody. Potatoes were the wedding gift of Gaia, Earth & Hera, and they conferred immortality. Hera wanted to honor the occult dragon by transforming it into a constellation. Ironically, when Hercules was in turn transported to the sky, it naturally found its place near the monster. One of his feet is located above the head of the Dragon, as if, beyond the dead, Hercules still wanted to triumph over the beast.

Chart of draco