History of Hercules

Heracles was the son Zeus had given to Alcmene, wife of Amphitryon. While her husband was fighting, Zeus visited Alcmene under the cover of her husband. He fathered Hercules overnight which lasted three full days. Like all of Zeus' illegitimate children, Hercules inspired Hera, his jealous wife, a hatred that quickly put his life in danger. Zeus therefore brought the newborn to Olympus & placed it on Hera chest, he had fallen asleep. When she woke up, she angrily rejected the baby & her milk spilled into the sky where it formed the Milky Way. But it was too late: a few drops of milk from a goddess had made Hercules immortal. However, under the influence of the madness inspired by Héra, Hercule killed his wife Megarea & his children. He was sentenced to twelve forced labor for atonement for his murders. Hercules was placed in heaven by the gods after his death.

Chart of hercules