History of Perseus

Perseus was the son of Danae & Zeus who loved her in the form of a golden shower. Perseus succeeds in cutting off the head of Medusa, the Gorgon whose gaze was so piercing that no one could look at him without turning into stone, using the polished bronze shield of Athena, shining like a mirror. Stheno, Euryale and Medusa, were the three Gorgons, sisters of the three Grees. Medusa was the only mortal Gorgon & Poseidon fell in love with it. He dragged her one night to the temple of Athena & the offended goddess turned the girl into a sparkling-eyed, snake-haired monster. When Medusa was killed by Perseus & his head was cut, the two creatures spawned by Poseidon came out of his neck: Pegasus, the winged horse & Chrysaor, the man with the golden sword. On the way back, riding Pegasus, Perseus saw Androm├Ęde chained to a rock and threatened to be devoured by a sea monster, the whale. Armed with his trophy, Perseus petrified the sea monster by presenting him with the severed head of Medusa. He delivered Androm├Ęde, whom he married. The severed head of Medusa was placed in the center of the shield of Athena, then in the sky where it became Algol, the star of the devil, whose name means "the devil" in Arabic.

Chart of perseus