History of Sagittarius

A giant archer, Sagittarius is associated with Chiron, the half-man, half-horse, centaur whom we represent holding a taut bow. Immortal, wise & beneficent centaur, Chiron is a friend of men. He teaches them morals, music & medicine. Achille, his protected, having been accidentally burned, Chiron treats his injured ankle and thanks to this operation, Achille becomes an extraordinary runner. Subsequently, Chiron comes to the aid of Heracles, who fights a troop of wild mountain centaurs. Thirsty and attracted by the smell of the wine that Heracles drinks, they arrive armed with rocks & pines. The deadly arrow shot by Heracles accidentally hit Chiron in the knee. His suffering is excruciating, the wound is incurable. Chiron being a god, he cannot die. Zeus then welcomes him into the stars for eternity

Chart of sagittarius